Binary Clock

Binary is the language of computers. It’s really a simple system based on 1’s and 0’s (or on and off). This works perfectly for digital components.

Unfortunately for us geeks it’s not heavily used much outside the computuer hardware/software realm. Now you can change that.

The Binary Clock is a must have for every geeks office, dorm room, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you might want to know what time it is.

This handsome clock is 10 inches in diameter and encased in black plastic. It’s made in the USA and even includes the required AA battery.

Click on an image to view more details and add to your cart.

It’s a steal at only $19.99. Get one for yourself and all your friends.

Binary Clock - White

White Binary Clock (Best Seller)

Binary Clock - Black

Black Binary Clock

Looking for something a little different? Check out our

binary light switch covers.
(Several styles available)
Binary light switch cover

Looking for something a little more colorful?

Binary Clock - Gray

Gray Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Green

Green Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Lime Green

Lime Green Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Yellow

Yellow Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Orange

Orange Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Red

Red Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Blue

Blue Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Purple

Purple Binary Clock

Binary Clock - Pink

Pink Binary Clock

View clock details

Binary Clock Detail

Clock detail

Clock detail

Clock detail

Clock detail

Go get one.

Didn’t see one you liked? Please let us know, maybe we can tailor one closer to your tastes.

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