“…the JJ definitely made me a better
person it gives me the advantage to look
at other human beings get the chance to
understand more my name is Alan Phillips
and I’m 71 years old I’ve been training
Brazilian juices so for four years and
I’m here five six days every week I wish
I would have started you know when I was
a kid
jiu-jitsu definitely helped me with
controlling my anger I mean I’m here and
it’s like walking into a church or a
temple with any type it’s almost a
religion as far as I’m concerned this is
my home my home every morning I get here
between 8:00 8:30 sometimes I bring my
lunch here I bring my breakfast and
lunch here and I get the carbs and the
protein I got to have protein in my body
before and after I train I like looking
at my moves
other people rolling and I see my
mistakes and things that I can create
and I take it to the mat and probably
80% of the time isn’t going to work but
when I get that 20% that I can add to my
heart that I’m developing I love it it’s
it’s so fulfilling
jiu-jitsu is maybe humble
I’ve competed over the last four years
and I’ve been humbled pretty good
this year I’ve had a couple medical
problems but I’m starting to train
really hard I want to compete before the
end of the year all things being equal
I’ve had a several bouts of some banned
skin cancer four months ago
swamis cell carcinoma I’ve had a bout
with melanoma and just recently I just
got 22 stitches right here and they just
took something off there so I’ve got the
scars I remind remind myself every day
touch them feel them with skin cancer
once you feel there’s a problem we have
a biopsy
you got a waiting period
you start thinking you know what if it
comes back and it’s not insu to that
it’s going into your blood system and
then you start thinking about your
family and what you’re gonna do today
and so I’ve got to planned out and my
mornings are jiu-jitsu the rest of the
days spending with my wife it makes me
realize that you got to do what you want
to do every day and pick something
that’s gonna make you happy and you just
so air legacy makes me happy
I could sit here and if I had surgery
and I’ve been cut by a doctor and I got
stitches I can sit home and watch TV and
go pop a beer or open a bottle of wine
not gonna do it
not going to do it – it’s too easy to do
that this is work it’s replaced work at
an accomplishment in my life it just
opens your mind you just opened your
I got a nickname one of the jujitsu guys
here gave me a name savage and I didn’t
know it for a while people started
calling me savage I got it because I
ended up on a guy that was 20 years
younger than me six foot plus and I’m
five seven and a half ended up jumping
on his back trying to choke him out but
the flight was done and I went up into
the bleachers where my wife and her
girlfriend was and this guy he got up he
came over to me said man he said I saw
you out there and you were you really
inspired me man he asked me how old I
was and he told me his son had passed
away then he had trained you just so
with him…”

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