Glossary: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Judo Cross Reference

Collection of names of techniques in English / Portuguese / Japanese languages, but the conversion is not exact since the same technique is applied in different ways in the BJJ compared to Judo.

Americana – Ude-garami (腕絡)

Armbar – Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame (腕挫十字固) – also known as armlock, armeloque (Portuguese) .

Arm Drag – falls under the topic of Kumi-Kata (組方) .

Ankle Lock – Ashi-hishigi (足挫) – Achilles Lock or Foot Lock

Belt Strangle – Obi Jime (帯 絞)

Bicep Slicer / Bicep Crusher – a form of a Compression Lock

Bow and Arrow Choke – Okuri-eri-jime (送襟絞) – Sliding lapel strangle

Breakfall – Ukemi (受身 )

Clock Choke – Koshi Jime (締め) – Hip Strangle, however, the mechanism of the choke is classified by the Kodokan as Okuri-eri-jime (送襟絞).

Closed Guard – Do Osae – Trunk Hold – Sometimes referred to as full guard. The closed guard is the typical guard position. The legs are hooked behind the back of the opponent, preventing them from standing up or moving away. The opponent needs to open the legs up to be able to improve positioning. The bottom combatant might transition between the open and closed guard, as the open guard allows for better movement, but also increased risk of the opponent passing the guard. The technique Do-Jime (胴絞) is sometimes incorrectly used to describe the closed guard. The difference is that with Do-Jime  pressure is applied to squeeze the opponent’s trunk to cause asphyxia. Do-Jime is a prohibited technique in competition judo.

Collar Choke – Juji Jime (十字締め) – Might see this referred to as x-choke, lapel choke, cross choke.

Crucifix Choke – Jigoku-jime (地獄絞) “hell strangle”

Double-leg Takedown – Morote-Gari (双手刈) – also known as baiana (Portuguese).

Ezekiel Choke – Sode-guruma-jime (袖車絞め) – Might see this referred to as forearm choke or sleeve choke.

Figure-Four – Ude-garami (腕絡) – also written as figure-4. When used on an arm, also known as a double wrist lock. A hold in which the positioning of the limbs resembles the number ‘4’. For example, used in the AMERICANA and the KIMURA.

Flying Armbar – Tobi-jūji-gatame (飛び十字固め)

Flying Triangle Choke – Sankaku-jime (三角絞) from a standing position.

Grapevine – Tate-Shiho-Gatame (縦四方固) – a type of control that most commonly applies to MOUNT. You have your legs threaded through your opponent’s, hooking around with your feet to stop them escaping. This makes for a stable defensive position, though attacks are mostly limited to the EZEQUIEL.

Gogoplata –  Hasami-Jime (鋏絞 scissors choke, or 螯絞 claw choke)

Guard – Do Osae

Guillotine – Mae Hadaka Jime(前裸締め).

Half-Guard – Ashi Garami (足緘) – also known as meia guarda (Portuguese).

Helicopter Armbar – Tobi-jūji-gatame (飛び十字固め)

Kimura – Gyaku-Ude-Garami (逆腕絡)

Knee Bar – Hiza-juji-gatame (膝十字固め)

Knee Crush – Hiza Hishigi (膝挫)

Mount – Tate-Shiho-Gatame (縦四方固)

Neck Crank – Mae Hadaka Jime (前裸締め)

North South Choke – Kuzure-Kami-Shiho-Gatame (崩上四方固)

Posture – Shisei (姿勢) – also known as postura (Portuguese)

Pulling Guard – Hikikomi Gaeshi (引込返)

Quad Crush – Compression Lock on the leg.

Rear Naked Choke – Hadaka Jime (裸締め) – also known as sleeper hold, mata leo or mata leão (‘to kill the lion’ in Portuguese).

Rolling – Newaza (寝技・業 ) Randori (乱捕り ) – a term often used in BJJ and other grappling styles, which has the same meaning as ‘sparring’ o in Portuguese, the noun is either dar um rola or escrima.

Scarf Hold – Kesa Gatame (袈裟固め)- also known as head and arm (wrestling).

Scissor Sweep – Hasami Gaeshi – Sumi Gaeshi (隅返) from a guard position.

Side Control – Mune-gatame (胸固め) or Yoko-shiho-gatame (横四方固め) – also known as sidemount, cross-side, across side, thousand kilos, one hundred kilos, 100 kilos, cem kilos (Portuguese).

Sliding Choke – Okuri-Eri-Jime (送襟絞) .

Sleve Choke – Sode guruma jime (袖車絞め)

Takedown – Nage waza (投げ技) .

Toe Hold – Ashi-dori-garami 

Triangle Armlock – Ude-Hishigi-Sankaku-Gatame (腕挫三角固), sometimes shortened to Sankaku-gatame (三角固)

Triangle Choke – Sankaku-jime (三角絞) – also known as triângulo (Portuguese).

X-Choke – Juji Jime (十字締め )

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