How to make a shinai

Traditional model   Fukuro Shinai Materials Moccasin suede (a half-hide of leather has enough material to make four shinai).  If you can’t find leather, 40oz+ heavyweight vinyl coated polyester tarp or marine upholstery can do a pretty nice job – just don’t settle for the lighter weights as they stretch. 3/16 inch leather hole punch (“hammer” […]

Muye Dobo Tongji – The Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts of Ancient Korea

In 1789, King Chongjo, ruler of the Yi dynasty, ordered General Yi Duk-moo to compile an official textbook on all martial art forms then present in Korea to preserve them for future generations. The result, the Muye Dobo Tongji, is the only surviving classical text on the Korean arts of war. Based on the earliest […]


Kiai is a yell that serves to increase, accelerate or expose the fighter’s action force. Also used as a command for organization and discipline during training. If it is used out of time, it may have unwanted results 🙂